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Go Thap archaeological site recognised as special national relic
  Go Thap archaeological site recognised as special national relic

The Dong Thap province held a ceremony on December 26 to receive the Prime Minister’s certificate recognising the ‘Go Thap’ archaeological and architectural site as a Special National Relic.

Kate Festival
Kate Festival

Time: From the 30th day of the 6th month to 2nd day of the 7th month according to Cham calendar (around at the end of September and the beginning of October according to solar calendar). Place: Po Inu Nagar Temple, Po Klong Garai Tower, Po Rome Tower (Ninh Thuan Province) Objects of worship: Goddess Po Inu Nagar, King Po Klong Garai and King Po Rome. Characteristics: Ritual of the Cham people.

Independent Vietnam (since 1945)
Independent Vietnam (since 1945)

In the summer of 1945, popular discontent reached a climax and revolutionary action involving both political and armed struggle proliferated throughout the country, from north to south, in villages and cities, and among the ethnic minorities in the mountainous regions.

French domination period (1857-1945)
French domination period (1857-1945)

On August 31, 1858, a French naval squadron attacked Danang, launching  several episodes of a war of colonial conquest waged by French imperialism between 1858 and 1884 and resulting in the total annexation of the country.  

Nguyen Dynasty

Kings of Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945): - Gia Long (1802-1819)                                       - Ham Nghi (1884-1885) - Minh Menh (1820-1840)                                    - Dong Khanh (1886-1888) - Thieu Tri (1841-1847)                                        - Thanh Thai (1889-1907) - Tu Duc (1848-1883)                                          - Duy Tan (1907-1916) - Duc Duc (1883, 3 days)                                    - Khai Dinh (1916-1925) - Hiep Hoa (1883, 4 months)                               - Bao Dai (1926-1945) - Kien Phuc (1883-1884)

Tay Son Dynasty
Tay Son Dynasty

Kings of Tay Son Dynasty (1778-1802): - Thai Duc (1778-1793) - Quang Trung (Nguyen Hue) (1789-1792) - Canh Thinh (1793 - 1802)  

Le So Dynasty (1428-1527)
Le So Dynasty (1428-1527)

Towards the end of the 14th century, a great crisis shook the country. The Ming court, then reigning in China, took advantage of this to invade Dai Viet and to impose a form of direct rule which was to last for twenty years (1407-1427). However, the invaders encountered stiff resistance from the beginning, and national independence was eventually wrested back in 1427 by Le Loi, the founder of the Le Dynasty.

Minh occupation and Lam Son insurrection

As early as JuIy 1407, the Ming emperor had incorporated Dai Viet into the Chinese empire under the title of Giao Chi Province, up a central administration, and divided the country into phu and chau, trying to reach down to village level by 1419.

Later Tran Dynasty (1407-1413)

The oppressive occupation soon triggered fierce resistance. As early as the end of 1407, many uprisings began to occur. A descendant of the Tran Dynasty proclaimed himself king in 1407, taking the name Gian Dinh and setting up his headquarters in Nghe An Province.

Ho Dynasty (1400-1407)
Ho Dynasty (1400-1407)

The Ho lasted for 7 years, from 1400 to 1407, with two kings:  - Ho Quy Ly (1400)  - Ho Han Thuong (1401 - 1407)  

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